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Does SEO Suit My Business?


Scenario 1: I just developed a website and I need quick traffic. I don’t have money to invest.
No. Your effort should go into processes which will produce short-term results for your enterprise.

Scenario 2: I just created a website and I have SEO budget for at least next six months.
May be, yes! As long as you are not looking to rank your website for most sought after keywords in your niche.

Scenario 3: I am looking for an SEO company that can get me the same links which my competitor has.
No. If you do what your competitor is doing, then you will always be behind them. Although you must keep an eye on your competitor, their success in rankings should not be a standard for you.

Scenario 4: I agree that content is important but I like my present website.
No. If you are not flexible about your web design, your site’s ranking won’t increase. If you do what you were doing, you will get exactly what you were getting.

Scenario 5: I just designed an auction website. I want to beat my competitor (leading auction website), for the word ‘online auctions’.
No. Just like the corner provision store that just opened cannot compete with the supermarket chain across the street by offering the same item at higher prices, your new auction website will not be able to remove the industry leader through magical SEO.

Scenario 6: My friend just signed up for a SEO service and he is getting five hundred directory submissions per month. I want that too!
No. Volume is not the sole factor for search engine optimization. Your friend is paying more, no matter how much he is paying for those directory submissions. It is better to have no SEO than to opt for cheap ineffective SEO.

Scenario 7: I don’t sell shoes, but the word ‘shoes’ attracts high volume of searches, so I would like to have it.
No. Even if you optimized your website for the keyword ‘shoe’, it would not be of any use to you as you would be getting leads about those shoes and not about your product.


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